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Who needs Dr Lomo?…

Well, my LC-A Arrived! Turns out its a 1985 model and, in typical LC-A fashion, the day I got it, I had to operate.

I got in from work on Thursday and there was one of those bloody “Sorry We Missed You” cards from Royal Mail. So the next morning, bright and early I trotted off to the delivery office and finally got my LC-A. But it wouldn’t engage the shutter whenever I wound on the film, it would just wind on and on until the film ended. After completely wasting a roll of film I decided it was broken. I called the legendary Dr Lomo (a.k.a Roger Lean) who semi diagnosed the problem/wanted £40 to fix it. I decided a £2 eye glass repair screwdriver and some photos off the internet would be a better option. Low and behold, after taking the base off, I found that something a jumped out of place, put it back and I have a working Lomo LC-A again! Yay!!!

Here are some shots from my test roll. I must say, I’m mightly impressed! 


I’m excited!

The kind people from Lomography’s PR company are sending me a new Spinner 360 to play with! 

The Spinner is a whole new concept in panoramic photography. It takes a 360 degree photo on 35mm film. Meaning you can see everything round about you. It looks cool as funk!

Here is the official Spinner 360 Microsite:


As if that wasn’t enough, I FINALLY got a vintage Lomo LC-A!!!

(Not the best photo - but that’s my new toy!!!)

None of this Chinese reproduction, LC-A+ nonsense! The real 80’s/90’s Russian dealio, all the way from Leningrad!

In honour of this, I’ve been stocking up on the important things:

10 x LR44 Batteries and a Roll of AGFA Precisia CT 100 (the BEST xpro film) and a roll of Fuji Sensia 100 (not bad either)

Just need to get a hot shoe cover from the nice people at the Lomography Gallery Store - London!

I can’t wait for it to arrive! Eeeeeep!


Lomography and all that jazz…

I love Lomography. I’m not ashamed to say it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love using my DSLR and messing around on Photoshop afterwards. But nothing has the same excitement as shooting film. 

The biggest draw of analogue photography has to be the unexpected nature of the results. With digital, you know the second after hitting the shutter button, what you have captured, but with film it could be hours, days or even weeks before you see what has been imprinted on your roll.

I started my adventure with Lomography this May in Paris. My girlfriend and I took a trip (using 3 metro trains) from out hotel the Trocadero to the Lomography Gallery Store - Paris on Place Franz Liszt, near Gare du Nord. I was immediately drawn in by the bright colours of all the plastic cameras, as well as the friendly staff and masses of Lomographs everywhere.

I left the shop with a Fisheye 1 and 3 rolls of 400ISO film, bearing in mind I’d never used 35mm film before, this really was an adventure!

I now have an Action Sampler, a Diana+ F and a Diana Mini and can’t go into a Boots store without seeing what kind of film they have lying about.

I have also started to experiment, loading 35mm into a 120 camera, pinhole and using coloured flash gels, when I get the prints out I’ll post up the results.

I would urge everyone with the vaguest interest in photography to try analogue, it stops you thinking so much about what you are shooting, and just enjoying being out with your camera more.

Finally I know this sounds awfully similar to my last blog post on my Blogspot, but I felt I had a little more to add, and I also wanted to use Tumblr a bit more.


Diana Mini

Diana Mini

Diana Mini

Diana Mini

Diana Mini

Diana Mini

Diana Mini

Diana Mini

Taken with Diana Mini

Taken with Diana Mini